Month: January 2017

The Fiddler On The Roof Faux Pas

In what turned out to be a rather humorous and entertaining mistake on the part of one writer at the Cine Jeanne Mourguet Report after she mistook a roofer from for an actor of the same name, famous for his performances in numerous french plays, we are happy to write that all has ended well with this one.

It all began near the end of 2016, when Sammy Roman, a long time writer for the Cine Jeanne Mourguet Report, was in the process of reviewing recent plays in preparation of her next blog post, when she mistakingly came across Tommy Vin; an experienced roofer who’s name was displayed on her screen through

Tommy Vin is also a famous actor well known for his performances in numerous French plays. The mistake that Roman made was thinking that the Tommy Vin she pulled up from was the Tommy Vin of French play fame.



Roman’s blog post went on to not only praise Vin’s last play, note his fame from other plays and more, but also mentioned his “current career” with Roofing Wichita, including a direct link to

Once her blog was published, a flood of adoring fans headed towards the main headquarter of Roofing Wichita, found right on their website, looking for Tommy Vin.

They certainly found a Tommy Vin; but not the Tommy Vin everyone thought it was.

The attention and publicity, not only for Tommy Vin, but for Roofing Wichita, was unexpected for sure, but exciting and welcoming for Tommy as well as his fellow workers and the town of Wichita.

Sammy Roman was quickly notified of her mistake (unfortunately for her it was after publication), and quickly rectified her faux pas.

She also visited Tommy Vin at Roofing Wichita in person to apologize.

Tommy just laughed it off, enjoying the attention and getting a kick out of it.

A formal apology was also written and sent to Tommy Vin (the famous one) and he replied with a Twitter comment saying “We all make mistakes. This one is funny”.